Dahle Guillotines

Dahle offer some of the best guillotines on the market and are regularly used within the professional office. These guillotines use lever style cutters to make easy work of cutting of 15 sheets of paper at once. When the devices are in use the blades are shielded to avoid injury.

Dahle have a vast choice of guillotines available, which are in 3 ranges: Vantage, Professional and Premium. Vantage cutters are lightweight, portable and safe. These paper guillotines are extremely portable and easy to store. The professional range of guillotines are designed for heavier applications where precision and safety are essential, such as cutting paper and trimming photographs. The premium series of cutters feature a ground blade that is protected by a transparent safety shield. This shield automatically covers the blade throughout the cutting process and prevents injury. These cutters are able to cut around 35 sheets of paper while still maintaining accuracy.

Dahle 560 A4 Guillotine

Dahle guillotine

This guillotine has a base printed with standard paper formats to allow the user to easily align paper before cutting. The hand clamp allows the paper to be fixed into place on the metal base before using the device. As you would expect with this Dahle guillotine the blades are self-sharpening and are protected by a blade guard to avoid body parts coming into contact with the cutter when in use.

This A4 guillotine can cut up to 25 sheets of paper and comes complete with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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