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The paper guillotine is a great asset in any home, office, or business, and are able to save time while giving a professional and crisp finish to all documents. These devices are easy to use, with minimal effort required and come in various sizes. To find the best paper guillotine takes times as there are many available on the market, some focused on occasional light use of a home office, and others heavy daily use, ideal for any business. When not in use they can be easily stored due to their compact size.

Whichever paper guillotine you choose, you can rest assured that they will save you time and make your documents look professional. Paper guillotines are not only ideal for in a business or the office, but also for a home and are very durable. Their simple operation makes it such a pleasure to have one around.

We offer the best range of guillotines, paper cutters and trimmers for any purpose and offer cheaper paper guillotines from the leading manufacturers including Rexel, Avery and Dahle, at the best prices, all available to buy online, and many with next day delivery.

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Guillotine and paper cutter use

Guillotines have a sharp cutting blade and use a vertical motion to cut through paper and card. The products on this site can cope with paper including A4 (and smaller), A3, A2, A1 and even A0. Heavy duty paper cutters can cut over 400 pages and are ideal for professionals and businesses to create sharp, clean documents quickly.

We have experience in the sale of guillotines, all of which are available to purchase online, and many with free delivery. We stock popular brands including Rexel and Dahle cheaper than purchasing direct from high street brands and office suppliers, finding the best price for you.

Replacement paper guillotines

Paper cutter and trimmers should be easy to use and store - a device that is easy to use and always gives a professional finish to any document. If your old paper guillotine is in need of replacement you'll find all the most popular paper guillotines right here. We offer the best quality device as some of the best prices online, many with free delivery. We also provide information on the manufacturers including Avery, Dahle, Rexel and more.